Earth Spacedock 24


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    Commander Sarah Walker - Starbase 144, a corridor

    "Well, I need some kind of ship to go to the Gamma Quadrant, and I doubt a shuttle would last long against anything the Dominion could throw at me, so I'd need an actual ship, like the Solaria. Besides, I am a loyal Starfleet officer, but you told me I'd die if I told anyone what's been going on, so do I have any choice? You know, unless you have a better idea."

    Sarah glanced over. "Of course, that's only if Plan A fails. What exactly is Plan A?"​​
    Oh, I'm just here, buildin' my wall! Well, I recruited help. Ok, so I'm the supervisor now. Also, I recommend you not try to run through the part of the wall that isn't built; they say people never return from there, and neither have the robots I sent to patrol that place. I dunno what's going on over there, but seriously, avoid it at all costs.
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    The Infamous - Starbase 144, a corridor

    Running his fingers through his gelled, dark semi-mohawk, The Infamous scoffed, "Nah, ye're not gonna die. Future-me was being melodramatic 'cause he's the one who's dyin'. In a few minutes a T'Lani vessel will show up to make 'emergency repairs'. The captain's a friend of me. Meet her and tell her you need passage to the Gamma Quadrant."

    The Infamous scratched his facial scar and then checked his goatee in the reflection of a console they passed. As a couple of ensigns passed them in the corridor, they nodded. One of them said, "Good afternoon commander" to Sarah. The other one just looked at The Infamous in fear.
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    Commander Sarah Walker - Starbase 144

    "Oh, yeah, like I want to go on a ship from a species I've never even heard of, but do I really have a choice?"

    An explosion. Then another explosion. The entire Starbase went to red alert, and the crew were called to battle stations.

    Another certain Sarah had gotten tired of waiting for Emperor Nat to get her revenge, and decided to settle for second best; her ship was attacking the Starbase. All hell had broken lose.

    In a matter of seconds, the ships stationed around the Starbase had all been destroyed, and the Starbase damaged beyond repair. The Solaria tried to put up a fight, and luckily for them, Regent Sarah had saved them for last. The Regent's ship proved unstoppable; none of the defense forces had even scratched the ship's shields. The ship fired a single Chrono-phasic Temporal Quadcobalt Device at the Solaria, phasing through their shields and landing a direct hit to the engines. The Solaria was crippled, and barely flying.

    Regent Sarah materialized in front of Commander Sarah. The nearby security officers fired their weapons at her. The shots phased right through, and barely missed the Infamous, as mass gravimetric detonations blasted the redshirts away, killing them.

    "So, commander, have anything to say about killing off that wormhole I loved so much...?"

    The commander backed away, shaking her head. She hadn't prepared for being chosen for ruling the Gamma Quadrant, never mind this.​​
    Oh, I'm just here, buildin' my wall! Well, I recruited help. Ok, so I'm the supervisor now. Also, I recommend you not try to run through the part of the wall that isn't built; they say people never return from there, and neither have the robots I sent to patrol that place. I dunno what's going on over there, but seriously, avoid it at all costs.
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    The Infamous, amused - Starbase 144, a corridor

    The Infamous was explaining who the T'Lani were, when the explosions started. Deciding to stick around to see what was going on, The Infamous was soon standing face-to-face with another Sarah. He laughed at her as she spoke, almost ignoring her.

    "Oi!" the Irish warlord uttered Irishly, with feigned ire. "I've heard of ye! Ye're from the alternate universe, eh? Say, wanna rule the galaxy with me? I run most of it already, including the Federation - not that anyone knows...well, except you two now."

    Since the two security ensigns (who had fruitlessly fired at the figment) had overheard what he'd said, he could not let them live, so he drew a Klingon disruptor pistol that slung low on his thigh and fired it twice, vaporizing both ensigns. Then he holstered the disruptor and turned back to the other Sarah.

    "So, about this 'alliance' we were about to discuss..."
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    Regent Sarah, not impressed - Starbase 144, a corridor

    The Regent laughed. "That's hilarious. Shooting dead guys and claiming to control the galaxy, then talking to my other self about some alliance that I could break with a snap of my fingers? Very, very funny. I almost forgot why I was so willing to kill you last time."

    Her eyes met the Infamous, quite intently. Almost murderous. One wrong word, and she'd probably obliterate the Infamous, along with prime Sarah and the entire Starbase with them. "Start making offers before I kill you and everyone you love, alright? Believe me, I can do that; I've done it before without any problems, so doing it again won't be any different. Actually, it'd be easier... because reasons. Trust me, I know you have a dreadnought at Caldos III, and I know everything you've told this other me here, in fact..."

    She snapped her fingers, and prime Sarah suddenly fell to the floor in pain. The pain's source was, evidently, the nanite inside her.

    "Ever since the times we had together before, I've had access to the controls of every nanite you have. I could kill everyone under your control with a single command, or even... a snap of my fingers."

    She smiled, almost viciously, and looked the Infamous in the eye. She knew that she could back up her threats easily enough.​​
    Oh, I'm just here, buildin' my wall! Well, I recruited help. Ok, so I'm the supervisor now. Also, I recommend you not try to run through the part of the wall that isn't built; they say people never return from there, and neither have the robots I sent to patrol that place. I dunno what's going on over there, but seriously, avoid it at all costs.
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    The Infamous, still amused - Starbase 144, a corridor

    The Infamous laughed, shrugging off pretty much everything the evil Sarah said.
     In turn, he answered, "Hear me, woman: you apparently don't know that I don't give a toss what you do to her, or anyone else. I don't even care if you kill me!" he shouted hysterically with a maniacal grin on his face. "Bring ruin to all of my worlds, blow up every ship in my armada, murder and traumatize every ally, friend, or slave I have! It won't make a damn bit of difference in my eyes, Sarah."

    Walking toward her slowly, The Infamous crossed his arms over his muscly chest, his bare arms exposing dozens of scars he'd attained from his own slavery to torture and destitution. Almost half of them had been self-inflicted. He stopped in front of Sarah, not even acknowledging the one on the floor.

    "The truth is, ye may have god-like powers, but ye'll never be as badarse as me..." With that, he brought up his arm, balled a fist, and kissed his own bicep. Then he turned his back on her and walked away, callously stepping over the original Sarah as he did.
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    Regent Sarah, still unimpressed - Starbase 144, the corridor

    The regent laughed. "Well look who's the double personality wielder now, Mr. I don't care yet organizes everyone to prepare the entire galaxy for Emperor Nat's return in ten years. No, wait, that was your future self who told "me" that! You wouldn't know, now would you? Not yet, of course. You'll learn. Then, finally, you'll understand that you actually do care, else..."

    She grinned maniacally. "Why would you still be alive?"​​
    Oh, I'm just here, buildin' my wall! Well, I recruited help. Ok, so I'm the supervisor now. Also, I recommend you not try to run through the part of the wall that isn't built; they say people never return from there, and neither have the robots I sent to patrol that place. I dunno what's going on over there, but seriously, avoid it at all costs.
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    Captain Oroku Seifer - Civilian Transport Elysium

    "Thank you," Seifer replied to both Elihu and Jade. "There's a Gorn and an Orion ship locked onto us. A Romulan ship appears to be taking care of the Klingons, and it looks like a prison ship and an Undine vessel are just sitting around. I'm going to be honest, I was not briefed as to why the Undine were here in Federation space to begin with. I'm sending out a distress call, but, in the meantime, if there's any way we can take these two pirate vessels out, without harming innocent lives, the planet or ourselves, we should give it a shot. We don't have weapons, but the transport is built with some of the Federation's more wide-spectrum beaming technology. We may be able to get through any weak points in their shields, while simultaneously transporting non-essential passengers to the surface."

    Suddenly, a vent from above busted off from two feet and Captain Terry dropped down to join them. His eyes had a green hue, strands of energy flowed around him, and slithering worms of Sleri moved all throughout his body, under his skin. Terry approached Seifer in pure anger. "This is what I was built for. I'll take care of the Gorn ship, and then I'll come back for you."

    "You were on board the whole time?? You can't go out there; you're in no condition to be doing anything!" Seifer replied in shock.

    The half-Human, half-Sleri grinned as he activated the transporter systems. In a few seconds he was gone.

    "I have to go after him," Seifer said. "I lost my fighting teacher, Master Chivaul; he was like a father to me. The only way for me to come to terms with that is by not allowing myself to lose anyone else under me, present or past. That includes Terry."

    "This is Lesset of the Volocron. We have your piece of junk garbage scow. We'll be salvaging what we want from it now," came the hail and growl of the Orion Captain.

    Seifer smirked. "Your boarding party was easily defeated, Lesset. You're next."

    "You insolent fools! You think your precious Federation's in control here? You're just puppets, being managed by a vast interstellar shadow group! You're pathetic!! Prepare for another boarding party!" He clicked off communications.

    Oroku turned to Krystal Jade, and, by-extension, Elihu. "Captain, clearly you and Elihu have got some skill here. Take that Orion ship down how you see fit. Edward, transport everyone we don't need to the Starfleet base on surface, and me to the Gorn ship."

    "Do you really think you stand a chance against Gorn?" Edward asked as she turned to him.

    Seifer shook his head. "It's the Gorn who doesn't stand a chance. Terry was bio-engineered as some kind of weirdly, worm-filled ultimate weapon by a maddeningly perverse Undine geneticist. If I don't get through to him, the extent of his transformation could go far enough to kill him and any innocent lives therein."

    "Understood," Edward nodded, activating the transporters.

    Captain Aeris - Unknown Undine Biobase

    As promised, all the thousands of Starfleet officers were transported back, through universes, using the anti-Undine devices aboard Earth Spacedock as a proxy, back to Earth Spacedock. With the chamber empty, a pinned Winry and a released Captain Aeris were all that were left.

    Kohogeth approached her and nearly put his slimy hands on her chin. "You are as beautiful as I remember."

    "You're absolutely not what I remember. You're not the man I fell in love with," Aeris replied.

    The Undine nodded. "I was in human form when you and I were together. But, does not your adversity look passed physical appearances? We are all the same inside, yes?"

    "It's not about how you look, Kohogeth! You presented yourself as a decent human being aboard the Zephyra. You may have acquiesce to returning those people, but your base-self is that of a lair. Back then, you were just luring mine and Captain Terry's crew to your facility."

    Kohogeth nodded. "Yes, but I have changed since then. Let me show you what experiments I have done."
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    Elihu M'Konel - Elysium, the bridge

    Eli perked a brow at Seifer. "I would not doubt that once the Gorn and Klingons beamed aboard the Elysium, they raised their shields again immediately."
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    "Black Sun"

    The Infamous 2.5 - Starbase 144, a corridor

    It did not appear that The Infamous had to say or do anything; however, he must have, since a starship phased through the starbase and a grappling hook shot from the hull and through both Sarahs like a tentacle. The erratically and randomly moving cord phased back into normal space, though the ship did not. The two women's shoulders were one with the cord, causing enough pain to put someone unconscious, or perhaps at least in shock. Since this took less than a second, it would be highly unlikely that AU Sarah would be able to counter it, though anything, it seemed, was possible in this universe.

    The grappler yanked both of them up into the out-of-phase ship. As they passed through the bulkhead, the original Sarah's nanite activated a sedative and pain reliever. Uniquely enough, the pain - and the sedative - traveled from Sarah through the cord and into the alternate Sarah's blood stream.

    Ten Minutes Later...

    The Infamous 2.5 - T.I.S. Esther, observation deck

    Both Sarahs would awake to find themselves lying on a floor in an observation room. Neither were bound and they were both healed of their wounds. The mohawked Irish warlord was standing a few meters away, now wearing a leather duster, staring out at the ongoing battle between the Valdore and the Klingon Vorcha attack cruisers near Caldos III. Apparently a civilian transport was under attack by rogue Klingons, Orions, and Gorn. His back was to the women, though he seemed to know when they'd awoken.

    "Don't bother trying to use any special powers here, Sarah," he told her, his arms crossed over his chest. "My ships make you as normal as I am."

    As he continued to watch the battle, he noticed the Ra'Quella uncloak and take on one of the Orion vessels. He shook his head and smiled. "The **** loves playin' the hero, don't he?" He finally turned to look at the Sarahs. "I don't expect you to be impressed with what you're about to see. I just want to show you why we're called The Infamous." He thumbed over his shoulder at the observation deck.

    Future D'ren - T.I.S. Ra'Quella, bridge

    Ra'Quella's image appeared on a small screen to his right. "D'ren. I do not believe it wise to show our presence yet."

    "I know," he groaned as he stood up. "But we cannot let them destroy or take over the Elysium. Did you find out what I wanted you to find out?"

    "Yes. Most of the Gorn, Klingons, and Orions are from a colony on the other side of the Beta Quadrant. G'arto Prime. It's about the size of Earth, with a population of 4 billion."

    D'ren inhaled deeply, closing his eyes, already regretting what he was about to do. "Execute."

    In the space between the Ra'Quella and the battle-damaged Elysium, D'ren had fired a single black hole torpedo, which opened a wormhole, and then vanished into it; the wormhole vanished as well. The Ra'Quella projected a hologram of the planet G'arto Prime between the two parties. The Valdore, severely damaged, stopped fighting to watch. All of the enemy ships did the same.

    The black hole torpedo exited the wormhole, which promptly collapsed behind it, and then went straight for G'arto's sun. The sun slowly started to be sucked into the black hole formed by the projectile.

    An announcement from D'ren went out over every comm channel: "Cease. Or die."
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    Commander and Regent Sarah Walkers - T.I.S. Esther, Observation Deck

    Commander Sarah got up and watched the battle ensue. "Remind me not to fight you guys in a direct confrontation."

    Regent Sarah got up herself. "You really think your ships make me as human as you are, Infamous? That's the same kind of assumption that got my universe's you killed. I've already been on a couple of your ships before, and I've since got myself some unique technologies that make me unusually resistant to them. Oh, don't bother trying to tell me you found them. Trust me..."

    She reached to her side as a Varon-T disruptor materialized in her hand, as she aimed it at the Infamous, smiling.

    "'re not the first Infamous to make that assumption, but I think you'll be the last."

    Commander Sarah backed away, cautiously moving to a safe distance. "Now, S-Sarah, can't you two come to some kind of agreement? Besides, if you know what the future Infamous told me, you'll know he's still alive in the future, and that killing him here would make a temporal paradox..."

    Regent Sarah grinned maniacally. "Oh, I know. I had the joy of watching my universe's Nat give me lecture after lecture on it. Believe me, we may have switched roles in my universe, but he was still the temporal agent. He still commanded the Firestorm, in a way. Let's just say I'm not a fan of captaining my own flagships. At least not until I formed my equivalent of The Alliance, and ended up having the take back my Firestorm to ensure my universe's Nat and his crew didn't try anything. Oh, speaking of which..."

    She turned to the Infamous, still pointing her Varon-T disruptor at him. The weapon, despite any attempts to disable it, was primed and ready to fire; no one really knows why. "I still have half my Alliance back in my universe. Between them, and all of your own people, and of course all of the publicly known forces in the galaxy like the Federation, Klingons, Romulans... we would have enough firepower to fight this universe's Nat off, and I know that either you or future you are quite determined to ensure the good former admiral doesn't take over. So you know what? I can play nice. You give me a wormhole to my universe, and I'll help you guys protect the galaxy from Nat. Heck, I'll even take a load off "prime" Sarah's shoulders and rule the Gamma Quadrant for you, and leave this other Sarah free to do her silly Starfleet thing like she always wanted. It's either that, or..."

    Her grin growed wider, almost insanely. "I'll end you, right here and now."

    Prime Sarah figured that her alternate universe counterpart couldn't make good on her threat. Or maybe she could; the future Infamous was dying of something, after all. Perhaps he was wearing temporal shielding that was slowly falling apart, or maybe he simply had temporal shielding, and he was dying of something else? She really didn't know at this point. Anything was possible.​​
    Oh, I'm just here, buildin' my wall! Well, I recruited help. Ok, so I'm the supervisor now. Also, I recommend you not try to run through the part of the wall that isn't built; they say people never return from there, and neither have the robots I sent to patrol that place. I dunno what's going on over there, but seriously, avoid it at all costs.
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    The Infamous 2.5 - T.I.S. Esther, observation deck

    The Infamous had been put in a difficult position; this was very hard for him - on one hand, he really wanted to show off to both Sarah's. After all, that was his personality. On the other hand, he really did not want to tip his hand too much. And then of course, there was the fact he had 2/3rds of what he wanted. Honestly, he was not too worried about the disruptor in her hand, though he did not mind giving her the impression that he was.

    Sighing, and still grinning, he sat down on a bench that was intended for people to sit on when observing things outside through the giant hole in the bulkhead. It seemed the observation deck's "window" was just a hole with a force field. The good commander might have wondered why it looked so...real. Behind The Infamous, the sun continued to ominously drain into the sinister black hole.

    "I tell ya what," said The Infamous, looking between the two women. "Clearly you're insane, and clearly you only care about power. What a coincidence, so do I! But here's the issue...You're tryin' to control two universes and two and a half galaxies. No matter how bloody strong you are, you can't last too long before someone offs ya, am I right? So...instead of your plan, which is dumb, we're gonna go with mine, albeit revised slightly."

    He patted both sides of the bench. "Come sit down, and I will make you an offer you'd be crazy - well, more crazy - to ignore..."
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    The regent didn't move. "I'd rather keep standing here."​​
    Oh, I'm just here, buildin' my wall! Well, I recruited help. Ok, so I'm the supervisor now. Also, I recommend you not try to run through the part of the wall that isn't built; they say people never return from there, and neither have the robots I sent to patrol that place. I dunno what's going on over there, but seriously, avoid it at all costs.
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    Captain Menchez - Earth Spacedock, Operations

    Menchez and his away team found Ukoth and his two warriors in the Operations center, attempting to hack the command ring. The lights returned all throughout Spacedock and Starfleet officers were re-apppeared everywhere. When the Klingons raised their disruptors, the enemy was forced to take notice.

    "Oh, you old fool. Do you not see how pathetic this Federation is? Rumour is they can't operate on their own without a baby-sitter," Ukoth argued.

    The Captain nearly squeezed his trigger. "I do not care what you are speaking of, Ukoth. I'm just here to reclaim my honor and protect this base!"

    "You can reclaim that by joining me. Never mind. You're too far gone as a Federation-sympathizer. That war we partook in was a complete farce! We should have joined the Iconians instead of allowing ourselves to be led around by that incompetent Kagran! Well, I've seen to it we gained T'Ket's trust."

    Heghto's device went off. "Captain, my data extrapolation of that portal is complete. It was emitting a massive radius of triquantum waves, at warp, through subspace."

    "Large enough for our own personal transwarp conduit," Ukoth smirked. "A little experiment we were happy to attempt. You see, the real Klingon war is only beginning! Now if you'll excuse me, but we must test out our new tunnel."

    Suddenly he and his two dishonorable men disappeared in a red transporter effect. Outside the window, the Negh'Var-class Mogholegh and two accompanying Birds of Prey decloaked.

    "Those jerks!" came the annoyed reaction of Commander Allura. She then turned to Menchez and his team. "Need a boost to that ship?"

    Menchez nodded to the blind Aenar woman. "That would be most appreciated. We must stop whatever damage they intend to do."

    "Leave it to me," she replied as she accessed the command ring holo consoles. She overloaded Spacedock's safe mode phaser banks and fired into the shields of the lead ship. Menchez and his away team were then beamed aboard it before the ship and its two companions entered the transwarp conduit.

    Captain Oroku Seifer - Civilian Transport Elysium

    "Like I said," Seifer replied. "These transports are built with some of the Federation's more wide-spectrum beaming technology. If you boost one of their annular confinement beams, hot enough, you could get through the weak points of lower-grade shields, like the Orions and Gorn. I suspect the Dominion have the same principles in their technology, and that Terry, moving quickly, enacted on the same procedures. Wait. Why am I continuing to explain everything in some kind of ongoing exposition dump and not transporting?"

    Edward turned from her chair. "Looks like Terry overloaded the transporters with whatever bio-electric energy source he's become. Elihu was right. There's no chance in transporting anyone, anywhere."

    She went to the control deck to try to work things out. As she did so, bright flashes could be seen through the windows of the Gorn vessel, while all the ships stopped their actions from watching the projections. In a matter of a minute, large explosions began to blow from out the Gorn ship's sides and its tractor hold disappeared. The Volocron and the Elysium moved out of range as the Gorn were destroyed. Large chunks entered the planet's atmosphere.

    "No!" Seifer's jaw dropped. "Captain Terry??"

    Lieutenant Edward covered her eyes from the flash. "He may have gotten off yet. We know we can't detect him with sensors."

    "An explosion like that? There's no way," the Captain replied.

    A transwarp conduit opened nearby and the Mogholegh went spinning out, with two of its accompanying Birds of Prey exiting as well.

    "This is Captain Menchez, taking command of the Mogholegh," came a call to the Elysium"We do not know what is going on, but our business with Iconians brings us here."

    Seifer took the helm seat and tapped its controls. "Menchez! Standby. There's a large space-projection indicating a disaster at G'arto Prime."
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    Elihu M'Konel and Krystal Jade - S.S. Elysium

    Eli and Krystal made their way back to their seats; as did most of the rest of the passengers as the remainder of the Klingons, Gorn, and Orion pirates beamed off the ship. Thankfully, nobody was killed, which was actually a surprise to Eli: it seemed all his friends were destined to die for some reason.

    After the pirates transported back to their respective vessels, the small fleet limped away, though the Gorn ships had been destroyed by Terry.

    Admiral Chekov stood at the front of the transport. "May we please go to our memorial now? We're over an hour late."

    Elihu M'Konel, who was remaining as logical as ever, continued to sit silently in his chair, staring straight ahead. When Jade at taken her seat, she leaned her head back and closed her eyes. It was unclear if she had drifted off to sleep or was just relaxing her eyes and muscles after the strenuous ordeal.

    The Infamous 2.5 - T.I.S. Esther, observation deck

    Ignoring the Walkers for the moment, The Infamous had looked over his shoulder and watched both the gradual destruction of a solar system and the retreat of the raiders. Then he turned to them.

    "Ye really need to learn how to manipulate people, love," D'ren's accent told the alternate Sarah. "Ya can't just bark orders and punch people and threaten to shoot them all the time. Ever heard of the iron fist in the velvet glove? No, I thought not. Anyway, aren't you curious why the Federation and the Klingons and the Cardassians and every other major power in the galaxy deemed 'The Infamous' as an appropriate handle for me? Why do you think they fear me? It's not 'cause I show up with a dreadnought and say 'surrender or die!' Anyone can do that! See? When I suggested you sit, what you should have done, as a leader, was sit. Then ya could give me the impression that you were submitting to me will, and then ya tease me a bit, maybe rub my knee, right before you grab me by the neck and point that gun at me again. Ya gotta keep people guessing. Otherwise, where's the fun? Besides that, people fear what they cannot predict. Anyway, darlin', what I suggest is ye let me gal Friday here, who really can't keep a ship in the air, reign as my Regent in the Gamma Quadrant, but...but...we give the impression that she's you. Now, tell me that ain't genius. The entire galaxy thinks evil alternate Sarah is running the Gamma Quadrant, when it's really just this sorry excuse for a Starfleet officer. That frees you up to go do other things, like, oh, I dunno...plan your revenge against Nat, among other don't get to do anything without me say-so. That's me only condition. I won't even implant ye with an infamous nanite." He winked at the alternate Sarah.

    "So whadda ya say, me dear? Instill the fear o' Sarah into the whole galaxy? Or just make the whole galaxy hate you till they join forces to overthrow ye? I didn't last this long as an evil warlord by actually running around blowing up ships and enslaving worlds. My, eh, minions did that. I sat back and raked in all the power."
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    Commander and Regent Sarah Walkers - T.I.S. Esther, Observation Deck

    "You seem to be missing something, Infamous... what do I get out of it? Besides, you say about messing with people's minds and the like, but you seem to be forgetting something else... maybe I'm just making you think I'm just wanting to take over by force, when I may very well have a greater plan in motion that you're to distracted to even know about. Believe me, I dealt with you once; I know damn well how to deal with you again."

    Prime Sarah definitely didn't look too happy. "A sorry excuse for a Starfleet officer? Can barely keep a ship flying? You little--"

    "Wait" Regent Sarah said as she turned to prime Sarah. "Trust me, you had a lot of Iconians after you. Nobody can blame you for that, but really, you might consider not complaining and pointing those kinds of things out. Just be quiet for a minute."

    She pointed her Varon-T disruptor at prime Sarah, and turned back to the Infamous. "Your offer doesn't interest me. Try again."​​
    Oh, I'm just here, buildin' my wall! Well, I recruited help. Ok, so I'm the supervisor now. Also, I recommend you not try to run through the part of the wall that isn't built; they say people never return from there, and neither have the robots I sent to patrol that place. I dunno what's going on over there, but seriously, avoid it at all costs.
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    The Infamous shrugged and casually stood up to stretch. Rubbing his eyes blearily, he looked as though he might yawn. "Nah, I don't think so, love. Ye're really not worth all the trouble. Ya want Nat and his alliance? Ya want this galaxy? Well, I guess ye're just gonna have to fight for 'em..." He smirked at her.
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    "Ha. I thought you might try something like this. You really don't like it when you can't control people, do you? I figured as much."

    She pulled the trigger. The shot traveled through space, and collided with prime Sarah, as she disintegrated into nothingness, screaming. Maybe it was from the shock that the alternate universe self would actually kill her, maybe it was the pain. The Infamous would never know, as the Regent pointed her disruptor at the Infamous, still smiling.

    "Now that you know I mean business..."​​
    Oh, I'm just here, buildin' my wall! Well, I recruited help. Ok, so I'm the supervisor now. Also, I recommend you not try to run through the part of the wall that isn't built; they say people never return from there, and neither have the robots I sent to patrol that place. I dunno what's going on over there, but seriously, avoid it at all costs.
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    The Infamous blinked, cocked his head with mild confusion at the spot Sarah used to occupy, and then mildly shrugged as he looked back to the other one.

    He was clearly unfazed by Sarah's death. He exposed his chest by opening his leather duster wide and taking a few steps toward her, until he was about three or four inches from the weapon's muzzle.

    "Do it."
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    Captain Oroku Seifer - Civilian Transport Elysium

    "This is insane," Seifer got up and turned to Chekov while everyone else meandered over to their seats, nonchalantly. "That decloaked ship just committed mass genocide, and, if my hunch is correct, it's by the same man Lydia said runs the galaxy behind the scenes."

    Menchez replied over view screen, "That is some serious case of over-power. Like, overly-serious."

    "Wait. You two know each other?" Edward asked, interrupting her own work.

    Seifer was caught off-guard. "Huh? Oh, yeah, we both shared a horrifying situation of being undead from the Calibus VII virus, once upon a time. It's a long story."

    "What the Gre'thor? Are you telling people about that??" Menchez erupted.

    The Captain waved him off. "Forget that! I'm changing course for G'arto Prime to help save as many people as I can from that doomed planet before it's too late."

    "Transporters are dead, sir," reported Edward. "And there's not even a chance we would get there in time?"

    Seifer nodded, understanding. "We have to at least try, Lieutenant. Complacency is the mother of death." He turned to the screen. "Menchez, will you accommodate?"

    "Seeing as we destroyed this specific conduit section leading to Earth, stopping the Klingon-Iconian threat and recovering my losses, I am currently free to assist. An entire world left to die is a grave dishonor, tenfold. There may be several other conduits that we can take."

    The Captain stepped into an open space on the Bridge. After a moment of hesitation, Edward joined him, as did Aramaki. He addressed Chekov. "If you all can live with letting The Infamous get away with mass murder, time and time again, and go about your daily lives, then you're no better than him. His blood is on your hands, as well. The least you could do is try to clean them once in a while." At that, the three were beamed off the Elysium and onto the Mogholegh. The Klingon ship turned and entered another conduit.

    Captain Aeris - Unknown Undine Biobase, Human Lab

    Kohogeth led Aeris into a dank and disgusting room. There were blood and green stains all throughout the organic enclosure. Several bowls of indiscernible food lay against the wall, and a giant pile of something bad sat in the corner.

    "Captain, I promised my masters I would find a way to bridge the gap between humanity and the Undine. We have had such a shaky past and what we learned of you fascinates us. I've finally found that gap and I bridged it; joined it into one."

    The Human turned to him. "Kohogeth, this is madness. You've gone to such extreme lengths for your passions in making a difference. It's that passion we often spoke about. But you've lost focus on what kind of difference you should be making. We all have potential, though many of us make the wrong decisions and push forward in them. Come back with me to my universe. If you truly love me, you'll abandon all this for me."

    "Aeris," there was a moment of hesitation from Kohogeth. He breathed in to consider her offer and what it could possibly mean for him. But he was too far into it. He had put so much of his life and sacrificed many things he held close to him. "I cannot. This is what I made."

    As giant doors opened, out fumbled a massive conglomeration of Sleri worms with dozens of bloody human and Undine limbs in unsymmetrical, random places. The giant creature moaned and slithered and moved around in eternal pain.

    "What... what have you done...?" she muttered in dire shock, speechless and tearful.

    Kohogeth raised his arms in success. "I've united our universes!! I've united us!"

    "Take two?" came Winry's voice. "Alright, take two. Unite this!" Entering the room holding energy flowing Sleri she finally was able to over-power, Winry threw several Sleri from her arms into an attack at both the massive hybrid creature and Kohogeth.

    Free, Aeris ran over to the Engineer. "What did you do?"

    "They spoke to me, telepathically, and I convinced them the Undine were their enemy," she answered. "They're disabling this base as we speak, and using its last remaining functions to open a portal in fludic space to our realm."

    Aeris slapped her slime-covered suit. "Nice work, Lieutenant! You just might make the perfect senior officer one day, after all. Now, let's get back to the Zephyra, whatever's left of it."

    "Oh, man," Winry complained at the thought of all the repairs she would have to endure.

    U.S.S. Zephyra, Bridge

    Climbing through the large hollow tentacles, the two women returned to the slime-covered Sovereign-class starship. Barely even getting it to move and detach, the Zephyra impulsed toward and through the portal as the biobase began to shrivel up behind them.

    "Was it worth it?" Winry asked.

    Aeris pondered, relieved they would finally be returning to Earth Spacedock. "To know what a man is made of, versus what he is capable? I suppose it's always worth it; just not always a universal worth. Let's go home, Lieutenant. Engage."
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    The regent smiled back. "Oh, you really do want to die, don't you? Ok then."

    She pulled the trigger. For a moment, the Infamous would feel nothing but pain; excruciating pain; every memory would flash before his eyes, one on one, and in another moment, everything would go black.


    It was total darkness. No lights, no sounds, nothing. At least not at first; in another moment, after what seemed like an eternity, his voice would ring out.

    "Infamous D'ren, former Section 31 agent, among numerous other things."

    A light appeared to come on. The Infamous would notice that the source of the light simply couldn't be found; it was though the light were coming out of nowhere. In the spotlight, he was standing there. That one guy that changed everything. He could barely recognize him in the way the light(s) had been set up, but he could identify the shine off a particular Starfleet combadge he was sure wasn't with Starfleet anymore.

    "Oh, don't bother trying to escape; we already removed any and all technology, unnaturally powerful beings, etc etc from your body. Any transmissions you could send out wouldn't reach your buddies back home, so don't bother trying. Oh, and there's no door here either, so you can't just walk out. You're stuck here, helpless. I'm the one in control now."

    He smiled. "Guess prime Sarah bit the dust, eh? Luckily for you, we beamed you out here as you appeared to be disintegrating as the alternate universe Sarah shot you. Believe me, I know those Sarahs have a habit of doing stupid stuff. There's a reason the ever so lovable now former admiral passed her off to command another ship. As for me, well..."

    He smiled wider, almost wickedly. "...some of us know how to get things done. Hence why I brought you here. I might just have an offer for you, if you're willing to cooperate."

    Regent Sarah Walker - T.I.S. Esther, Observation Deck

    She tilted her head a bit and looked at the space the Infamous used to occupy.

    "That was easier than I expected. Time to leave, I guess."

    She turned and walked out the door, intending the destroy the ship and escape with her life.​​
    Oh, I'm just here, buildin' my wall! Well, I recruited help. Ok, so I'm the supervisor now. Also, I recommend you not try to run through the part of the wall that isn't built; they say people never return from there, and neither have the robots I sent to patrol that place. I dunno what's going on over there, but seriously, avoid it at all costs.
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    A Reverent Revenant (elite guardian of The Infamous) - T.I.S. Did You Really Think It Would Be That Easy?, a corridor

    A masked man stepped out of a turbo lift and then the entire ship's power died. Darkness like that of a black hole sucked all of the light from everything, even any lamp or console that might be activated. But they could not be activated. The EMP knocked out every single electronic device on the ship, but it was temporary, of course. The Varon-T disruptor was also rendered useless. This black-clad masked individual just wanted to play...

    He said, his voice deeply modulated, "Do you want to play a game?" Then he chuckled darkly. "I'm just kidding. No but"

    The shadow-covered figure stepped just close enough for her slowly acclimating night vision to catch his features: though he was masked, metal blades was seen protruding from his slavering maw, and his eyes glowed green. His right arm was about a foot longer than normal, and had five joints, not to mention blades at the end of his seven claws. His left arm was average in length but very, very muscular, and a whirring circular saw rotating menacingly where his hand should have been. This dude even had a tail, a metallic scorpion-like device that extended behind him seven feet. There was a spiked club at the end. At the center of his chest was what appeared to be a hole, with a quantum singularity inside.

    The abomination said, "Feeding time!

    He fearlessly and hungrily charged at Sarah.

    Unknown Location

    The Infamous was a little annoyed. He'd moved to take the disruptor, and would have probably succeeded in disarming Sarah and taking her head off, if not for this meddler. Or maybe it was the disruptor that transported him. All he knew was that it should have been impossible to shoot him from four inches away, but oh well. He'd take it up with God later.

    "Well hurry up and make your offer," sneered The Infamous. "My burritos are getting cold."
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    Regent Sarah Walker - T.I.S. Oh Frak This Won't End Well, a corridor

    "Oh. I didn't figure his guards would be crazy enough to show up after I killed the Infamous. Oops."

    She jumped out of the way and went to shoot at the guard, only for the disruptor to fail.


    She reached for her Iconian-tech emergency transmitter and tried to activate it. It, too, had been disabled.

    "They've improved their tech, I see. Uh oh."

    Luckily for her, she herself found herself dematerializing. Somebody had beamed her out of there.

    Unknown Location

    "Oh, your burritos will probably be long gone when I'm finished with you, Infamous. Regardless, I know you seem to have a way of getting things done, am I correct? You secretly run the Milky Way in the shadows, and seem very determined to keep me from taking the galaxy for myself. I'll have you know; you would fail. I could just as easily wipe you and everyone else from existence."

    The figure pulled out a knife. The figure flickered, like a hologram, but this knife did not; it was real, and it was there.

    "But yet, I can't run the whole damned universe on my own, now can I? Somebody's got to do the administration while I reap all the power! Now, I was going to give that job to that alternate universe Sarah, but she screwed up when she tried to kill you. Honestly, she would've succeeded, as a matter of fact, she technically did, although I was kind enough to bring your disintegrating body here and... reassemble it."

    The figure grinned still. "You see, I know that there are some people that going to war with... simply isn't worth the trouble. After all, what happened with the alternate universe Alliance and their war with the alternate universe you is very interesting, but there were better options she could have taken. Like, say, making you a regent under her authority."

    The figure turned it's head and appeared to be looking at the Infamous, although he couldn't see his eyes.

    "That's why I've brought you here, of course, to do just that."​​
    Oh, I'm just here, buildin' my wall! Well, I recruited help. Ok, so I'm the supervisor now. Also, I recommend you not try to run through the part of the wall that isn't built; they say people never return from there, and neither have the robots I sent to patrol that place. I dunno what's going on over there, but seriously, avoid it at all costs.
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    "It's The Infamous, ya git," he muttered under his breath.

    As he listened, the Irishman slowly shook his head and rolled his eyes. A sly grin played across his lips. However, it seemed that the one Ace up The Infamous' sleeve that he'd concealed from everyone, including Elihu, was still concealed, from this madman.

    "Did it ever occur to you that I wanted her to kill that she and everyone else would think that I am dead? Again?"

    The Infamous was arrogant. He almost wanted this lunatic to figure it out. Why he seemed to die so many times. Had he actually died and come back, or was it all an illusion? Why did everyone fear The Infamous so much? As Sarah had proven recently, though it was difficult to out-maneuver and kill him, it was not impossible to do so. There simply weren't that many people in the universe smarter than The Infamous, save for Elihu and his friends, and maybe the Q and other so-called omniscient entities. The galaxy was already his.

    And yet this former admiral was offering him something he already had, except with the added bonus of being his slave? Ha! The Ace up The Infamous' sleeve was indeed going to be the end of this so-called Alliance. Because even if the ace was nullified, Nat would still have to deal with the so-called Federation and Starfleet, which, as the knife-wielding psychopath was so eager to point out, was merely a puppet-organization under the authority of The Infamous.

    "I will not submit to you," The Infamous said with a twitching grin. Then he screamed in an otherworldly intonation, "KILL ME AGAIN!"

    Reverent Revenant - T.I.S. Esther, corridor

    There was not enough room in the corridor to actually do much "getting out of the way." She barely dodged the monster's massive right fist, but his tail knocked her Varon-T disruptor away after she tried to use it, breaking almost every bone in her hand. The disruptor had been damaged beyond use.

    As his seven left-handed claws came at Sarah's face, she began to dematerialize. The Reverent Revenant released a haunting, nightmare-inducing guttural laugh as his claws scraped the metallic bulkhead behind her.

    The guardian marched back down the corridor and entered the room he'd come out of. There, he turned and stood guard in front of the two women that - if The Infamous had an Ace - were his Queens.
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    Captain Oroku Seifer - I.K.S. Mogholegh, Bridge

    Seifer took the Bridge with Captain Menchez and his away team, in a moment of appreciation of their work, as the ship entered into transwarp. "I'm impressed you were able to take over such a large vessel with such a small group of warriors. That, and the two Birds of Prey. Were you thorough?"

    "Are you kidding me, Starfleet? Of course we were thorough! We defeated the enemy with the beating drums of our hearts and the blood quenching thirst of our stout souls," Menchez reaffirmed seconds before Ukoth and a group of enemy Klingons stormed the Bridge.

    Captain Seifer glanced at Menchez disapprovingly. "Really?"

    "Perhaps actual tactics may have been required, but that is always second to a Klingon," Menchez defended. "Brawn over brains for life! Yeah!"

    The two pulled out their weapons in an eruption of a fire-fight. They, Menchez's away team, and the two Starfleet Lieutenants hid behind the Bridge consoles and fired disruptors and phasers at the group near the entrance.

    "Don't give me that look, Seifer," argued Menchez, between disruptor blasts. "Like you were even going to stop a black hole to begin with? Are you going to stop the next one too? Or the 43t45034348 ones after that??"

    Seifer took out one of Ukoth's closest men, and turned to the Klingon. "What? When did I say I was going to stop a black hole?? If only I wasn't so much more moral than Tuvok, the head of that unscrupulous Section 31."

    "Didn't they burn down a Syndicate orphanage once?" Menchez asked, as he witnessed one of his own men taken down in horror.

    The Trill's power cell ran out, so he threw his phaser into Ukoth's head. "Whoa, hey now, those kids were planning to create a divergent alternate universe full of flashy lens flares and non-stop adrenaline runs. Time traveling Pavel Chekov was all in a last-ditch tizzy about it."

    "What the hell?" cried Ukoth, as the shooting all stopped. He picked up Seifer's phaser and rubbed the bump on his forehead. "Who just throws a phaser like that?"

    Seifer stood up. "Uh, I do. I prefer to take things into my own hands, even if it means throwing everything I've got in a ridiculous manner. Serious things are still serious to the guy doing them."

    "Well, it's played out and unoriginal. Not to mention, you'd have to throw your phaser at every enemy you came across, as it would have to be your signature move. I declare that this is so!"

    The Captain crossed his arms. "Just because I tried it, doesn't mean I expected I was going to be successful at it. Also, thanks for trying to write me. Really appreciate it."

    "Maybe you'll appreciate this!!" Ukoth slammed his palm into a nearby console, causing the Mogholegh to begin to self destruct. Panels and warp coils began to explode all over the ship as it and the two Birds of Prey exited transwarp to normal space.

    Menchez turned to his fellow officer. "I think your attempts at doing things is being thwarted. It seems like failure is your style, Captain."

    "I think you're right," Seifer replied as he and Menchez approached the transporter controls. "Next crazy, out-of-control-but-mundane-compared-to-over-powered-beings-adventure, then?"

    The Klingon nodded, before they and their teams dematerialized. "Until then, Captain."

    I.K.S. Furt 'gh

    Seifer and his two Lieutenants, Edward and Aramaki, beamed onto the Bridge of the Furt'gh and took command. They watched as Menchez had taken the other Bird of Prey, the I.K.S. Keghgh, and taken chase to escape pods from the exploding Mogholegh.

    He hailed the Odyssey-class U.S.S. Valhalla on the long range relay network. Admiral Cid, a silver-bearded, aging Human, appeared on screen. "Captain Seifer," he greeted. "I received your message and am now nearing G'arto Prime to beam as many cut throats and thieves as I can off the planet as possible. Many directly into our Brig."

    "Thanks," Seifer replied. "It looks like my transwarp conduit paths are down so I don't think I'll make it on warp before unapproachable damage is done."

    Cid nodded. "We'll do what we can. Just keep these low lifes and murderers in your thoughts. They deserve to be remembered for their love of pillaging and general breaking of the laws."

    "I will," Seifer said, feeling the heart crushing tinge of loss, once again. "Seifer out."

    Caldos III

    The Furt'gh dropped warp and returned to the planet where the Elysium had been forced to the surface to undergo repairs. The ceremonies for the dead had been put on hold until their arrival, and the planet's largest and most elaborate cemetery was set up for visitors. Seifer joined the proceedings in dress uniform, recalling his closest mentor, Chivaul, lost cause, Terry, and now the entire world of G'arto Prime.
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    Emperor Nat - Unknown Location

    "Oh, Infamous, you think you're the one in control? You think you can just throw your last ace at me and win? That your precious last resort will actually end The Alliance? Oh, trust me, you'll fail, and then you'll do exactly what I tell you, because you know what? You think you're the first to use nanites like the ones you put in your people? I used them first, and mine are a lot more advanced then yours. You'll never detect them. You never can. I could take control of you, or any of the factions leaders, or anyone else at will; or kill them just as easily. You're not the first person to do something like this, Infamous; and you won't be the last."

    He stabbed him in the heart with the knife, and while the Infamous would feel the pain, he was still alive, and didn't seem to be dying, either.

    "If it weren't for me, you'd be nothing. If you dare do anything against me, I'll make you nothing again. In case you haven't noticed, I am a god now, with more power than 2 Q continuums combined! YOU SERVE ME NOW."

    He let go of the knife, leaving it in the Infamous's chest, as the Infamous would then feel an extreme pain emanating from his spine that never ended, and despite the knife in his heart, he still couldn't die, even if he wanted to. Nat grinned.

    "Go ahead, destroy every ship and planet I have! Take away my powers! End my life! Watch how quickly everything resets to how it once was!"

    He laughed quite maniacally, even horrifyingly. He clearly knew that what he claimed was all true.

    Regent Sarah Walker - Unknown Dyson Sphere

    The Regent awoke, having been unconscious for a couple minutes. She looked around and saw an empty sky, distant Dyson Sphere out there. Nothing else in sight. No ships at all. She was quite alone. She looked up, and saw an Iconian Gateway, inactive at the moment.

    "Where the hell am I now?"​​
    Oh, I'm just here, buildin' my wall! Well, I recruited help. Ok, so I'm the supervisor now. Also, I recommend you not try to run through the part of the wall that isn't built; they say people never return from there, and neither have the robots I sent to patrol that place. I dunno what's going on over there, but seriously, avoid it at all costs.
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    "Rebels of the Sacred Heart"

    The Infamous – Hell

    The Infamous shakily reached up and clutched the knife in his chest. He choked and groaned in pain, blood seeping down the corner of his mouth. Gripping the knife, he slowly pulled it out of him, lurching in anguish with the final tug. The Infamous wheezed as he glowered with fear and anger at his enemy.

    He croaked, “ are a...a coward.”

    He tried to smile but the pain was too much right now. He knew that if he waited, the pain would end since the most nerves were in the skin. And he did not have to worry about bleeding out since Nat was keeping him alive.

    “You can't even...face me,” The Infamous sneered, nearly collapsing to his knees. He remained upright, clenching the dagger in his fist by his side. “You use a -” After a fit of coughs, he continued, “- a hologram. You use a hologram because you know I'd best ya if this was real. You, mate, are the weak one. Not I...”

    Yet The Infamous was glad for his current agony.


    "I just wanted to say," she groaned, "that I really hate you and you totally deserve this."

    As both the main portion of the Behemoth and the
     Zipporah started their final death throes, D'ren nodded with a grin, tightly and fearfully gripping the armrests. "I know. I deserve worse."


    Hell. This man was ready for eternal torment. But he would not submit to Nat. In fact, he may get his wish of infinite pain or death by resisting him. This is what he wanted. Hell and pain was where he truly ruled. No matter what...

    ...The Infamous wins.
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    Captain Oroku Seifer - Caldos III, Caldos Cemetery and Memorial Center

    Seifer was standing in the large crowd, thinking about the lives of his old master, Chivaul, rival Captain, Terry, and the planet of thugs who somehow numbered in the billions and were able to function as a world together. Perhaps his discontent was selfish; his thoughts about them could have really been about him. Did he care about them, or were they just representations of his own abilities as a Captain?

    Looking around, Seifer decided to momentarily clear his mind of regret. It was only with a clear mind he could operate better, as an officer, as a person, as an observer and participant in galactic events. With the Bajorans gaining some kind of oddly non-canon power, worlds like Cardassia were suddenly now under threat.

    He noticed Elihu, who was in the most calm state he had ever seen. He had read that the quadruple hybrid was betrayed by The Infamous in the past, but they somehow appeared to maintain an interpersonal relationship of some sort. If The Infamous's power was shifting to people, would Elihu be a potential as one of those leaders, despite their apparent history?

    Approaching the man, Seifer interrupted him. "Sorry to bother you at this time, Elihu, but I think I have a suspect in mind for your case. You were framed by someone who wanted to get rid of you, in favour of more power from The Infamous. It must've been someone in The Infamous' camp, with access to his nanites, so that they could simulate you murdering Alyce. Someone who displays a thirst for revenge and power, and possibly wants more of it, including the power that may have gone to you. It may have been Ro Laren."
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    “When It's All Over...”

    Elihu and Lydia M'Konel – Caldos Cemetery and Memorial Center, Caldos Colony, Caldos III

    Hell. Elihu M'Konel stood with his comrades, staring first at the names listed on the the gravestones of his friends and family who had died months ago, and then at the list of names on the marble wall behind it.

    * Captain Taggart *
    * Commander Rayelle Johnson *
    * Lt. Uriah Solomon *
    * Lt. Frank Thorough *
    * Lt. H'Rekthar *
    * Lt. Krystal Hanson *
    * Ensign Lrann *
    * Counselor Talitha Roseblade *

    Unfortunately, a couple late arrivals had been added recently.

    * Aazrus *
    * Crewman Danielle Benson *
    * Crewman Lee Fernandez *
    * Crewman Matt Archer *
    * Cynthia James *

    There was a lot of silence – much more than a moment – at the memorial, indeed as well as the entire Scottish-colonized world. Hundreds of people surrounded the wall, each remembering and honoring the dead in their own way. The prison ship had transported Toman Kannor, the Trill spy for the Tal'Shiar, under heavy guard, to Caldos Colony, and the freighter that had arrived was the ship on which Garn Pekh served as chief engineer.

    The Infamous Undine bio-cruiser captained by T'Vix had transported Javan Eras off the Zephyra, per orders of The Infamous himself. The Bajoran nurse was standing beside Pekh and Kannor behind the marble wall.

    Daniel Benson was by his mother and father, who were crying and, in Mrs. Benson's case, touching the wall. Tina James and the little girl who accompanied her was there mourning not only Tina's lost crewmates but also Tina's younger sister.

    But it all seemed so detached, void of emotion. It was probably because the strange hooded and cloaked black-clad army of The Infamous was also present. Thousands of Infamous warriors, diplomats, and residents of various worlds controlled by the warlord filled the streets around the cemetery, forming a rudimentary perimeter – nothing else was going to disturb this moment, The Infamous had decided.

    And yet it was the presence of The Infamous that had drained the atmosphere of all life. Nobody knew why he was really there, or even where exactly he was. All of his more notable people were accounted for: the turncoat Nel Kestral, who was on her knees behind the Starfleet officers, in front of her new family of darkness, the El-Aurien Sai Feyt, Kes, the Romulan legend known as Donatra, and even the hateful soul of Toreth, being guarded by a single Reverent Revenant – no more would be required.

    There were twelve other Reverent guardians patrolling at seemingly random locations around the cemetery. Unlike the one who had attacked Sarah Walker, these masked guards all looked properly human.

    It was starting to get dark. A fog was rolling in. Commander Bradden was giving a speech, raising a toast. Since his meditation on ESD, Elihu had not expressed a single emotion to anyone aside from Krystal Jade in their shared DreamScape. But now, he reached over ever so slightly to his right and slowly took her hand. She would instantly feel his utter sorrow, his regret, and his complete helplessness, as if they were her own.

    The only one present who noticed was his best friend standing right behind him. Jonah McDaniels placed a hand on Elihu's shoulder. Kidna and Lydia stood near McDaniels; they both looked down, one feeling guilty and the other feeling sad.

    D'ren - Caldos Colony Park, Caldos Colony, Caldos III

    D'ren was hiding behind a tree in another plot of land several hundred meters away from the cemetery. He was sitting with his back against the tree, facing away from the memorial. Bringing his shaking hand up to take a swig from his flask. Pain seared through his throat and stomach. He coughed and groaned, and then laughed at his own weakness.

    It was at this point, as the fog closed in around him, that D'ren finally realized he was alone. What's more, he always had been.

    He'd spent his entire life gathering armies, building armadas, enslaving worlds...and nobody could ever say why. All the psychological profilers and all the telepaths in all the galaxy had never been able to determine D'ren's true goal as The Infamous. Why would he continue to worsen the state of affairs, not just for all of mankind, but for himself as well, when all he had to do – if he truly wanted to live in freedom – was find a nice little corner of the galaxy to settle down, perhaps with a good wife and a quaint little cottage? Why would he continue to fight, to cause pain?

    D'ren tossed his now-empty flask into the mist and barely heard it land in the grass. He leaned his head back onto the tree and began humming an old Irish tune he picked up from a Starfleet operations officer awhile back, as his reddened eyes started to gray.

    As he faded out, D'ren's other hand opened slowly to reveal his Q-repelling device. It was meant for one person, the one person who could unify and protect the galaxy from the Iconian Alliance. It was meant for his successor. It was meant for the Peacemaker.

    Elihu M'Konel, but not the one attending his friends' memorial service, walked over and stood over the dying man. He shook his head with contempt and leaned against the tree above him. This Elihu had a goatee and short black hair. His outfit was black leather, much like D'ren's, except for less punk-rock and more BDSM.

    “You're gonna have to give command of the armada to me,” Elihu said with a derisive smirk as he bent down to collect the ancient revolver holstered on D'ren's hip.

    “I...made a deal,” D'ren said, struggling to keep the gun. “Talitha for Jade.”

    Elihu kicked him in the ribs, causing him more pain than normal. Groaning, D'ren fell over into a fetal position. Elihu laughed lightly, and then glanced over his shoulder to ensure no one at the memorial could hear or see them. They could not.

    This Elihu examined the engraving on the gun. “'United we stand, divided we fall.'” He nodded. “An American civil war gun, right? Your father – your real father – collected these things.” Elihu leaned down and picked up the anti-Q medallion. “Ah yes. And this. Tell me, D'ren? How much of what you told Jade and Eli and the others was the truth? None of it I suppose.”

    D'ren forced himself to painstakingly sit up. “I told them the truth, mostly. The Infamous armada will continue.”

    Elihu shook his head. “Under my authority, sure.” He pointed the gun at D'ren's head.

    “I'm already dead, idiot,” D'ren said with a triumphant smirk. “Pull that trigger and you'll have security on your **** in less than a minute.”

    “But,” said Eli, leaning down and snatching D'ren's collar. “I would enjoy it so much.”

    “They don't know about G'arto,” D'ren told Eli. “They think it's a planet full of...of pirates.”

    Eli chuckled. “Billions of pirates...yeah, they're not that dumb.”

    D'ren said, “It won't matter. The planet will be gone in a few minutes.”

    Eli nodded. “Good. And so will you.” He leaned down and placed a hand on the dying rogue's temple, performing a very painfully invasive mind-meld.

    Elihu M'Konel - Caldos Colony Cemetery and Memorial Center, Caldos Colony, Caldos III

    Back at the cemetery, the real Elihu turned to Seifer and shook his head.

    Don't let him touch you!

    Elihu patted Seifer's shoulder in a friendly manner. “It is not Ro Laren, but thank you for your continued diligence, Captain. There is no longer any need for an investigation. If I am guilty, I should be arrested. If I am not guilty, you will never find the person who did it, if The Infamous is actually involved.”

    He gave Seifer a pointed look, a stern gaze that was in no way meant to convey friendship. It was a threat.

    Drop it.
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    Emperor Nat - Having a Good Time, Like the Psychopath he Apparently Is

    "Oh, I don't need a hologram to best you, Infamous, I simply enjoy this better without having to actually be there, after all, I do have other things to do. Armadas to build. Certain very interesting people to spy on..."

    A holographic monitor display appeared nearby, displaying the memorial on Caldos III.

    "You know, it wouldn't take too many of my elites to tear this place apart and capture everyone, or perhaps..."

    The display changed to show the other Infamous, as he was being kicked by the other Elihu.

    "Now this is absolutely fascinating if I do say so myself. Oh, what might happen to the Infamous armada with him in charge, I wonder... hmm, and now he's preforming a mind-meld. Very interesting, if I do say so myself."

    He whisked the display away and turned back to the Infamous, still smiling. "You see, I've already won. Heck, it'd only take one of our planet-killers to destroy that planet and end the Infamous armada leadership's candidates right here and now, wouldn't it? Of course, that'd be too easy. Gotta' have a little fun with them first, don't I, Infamous?"

    A solar gateway opened up alongside him, blasting at the Infamous with it's beam of pure fire, inflicting ridiculous amounts of pain. Yet, he still wasn't dead. It would become apparent to him that the former admiral had made his death impossible, at least for now; he could throw him into a sun and he'd still live, but indeed, it would be a painful trip.

    Oh, I'm just here, buildin' my wall! Well, I recruited help. Ok, so I'm the supervisor now. Also, I recommend you not try to run through the part of the wall that isn't built; they say people never return from there, and neither have the robots I sent to patrol that place. I dunno what's going on over there, but seriously, avoid it at all costs.
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